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What Is The Difference Between Twill Wool Suiting Fabric And Woven Uniform Fabric?

Dec. 21, 2018 | 14:06:37

1. The number of warp and weft interlacing of Twill Wool Suiting Fabric is less than that of Woven Uniform Fabric. The gap between the warp and weft yarns is relatively small, and the yarns can be arranged densely, so that the fabric is denser and thicker. 2, twill and flat fabric fabric is softer and more elastic than the fabric. However, because the twill fabric has a long floating line, under the conditions of the warp and weft yarn thickness and the same density, the abrasion resistance and the fastness are not as good as those of the plain weave. The cloth surface has obvious oblique lines, feel, gloss and elasticity.