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How To Identify Several Kinds Of Suit Fabrics?

Sep. 20, 2018 | 11:50:02

Fabric is an important factor in determining the grade of suits. According to the traditional standard suit fabric, the higher the wool content, the higher the grade. But not Wool Suiting Fabric is good, because pure wool fabric is cumbersome, easy to pilling, not wearable, slightly unfriendly, easy to mold, generally there will be fabric components on the suit wash logo, the following describes several Fashion Modern Suiting Fabric identification method:

1. Pure wool worsted fabric.

2. Pure hand-wool fabric.

3. Wool and polyester blended fabrics.

4. Wool and viscose or cotton blended fabric.

5. Polyester and viscose mixed imitation fabric.

6. Purified fiber imitation wool fabric.

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