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What Is The Dyeing Of Fabrics?

Jun. 19, 2019 | 18:18:01

As a Coat Suiting Fabric Wholesaler, let's talk about the dying of fabrics.

The basic process of dyeing, dyeing is the process of dyeing fiber materials into color. It makes the entire textile a colored object by means of a physicochemical or chemical combination of the dye with the fiber, or by chemically forming a dye on the fiber. Dyeing products not only require uniform color but also good dye fastness.

According to different dyeing processing objects, the dyeing methods can be divided into three types: fabric dyeing, yarn dyeing, and bulk fiber dyeing. Among them, fabric dyeing is the most widely used, yarn dyeing is mostly used for color fabrics and knitted fabrics, and bulk fiber dyeing is mainly used for the production of blended or thick fabrics.

The purpose of studying dyeing is to be able to reasonably select and use dyes, to properly formulate and perform dyeing processes, and to obtain high quality dyed finished products.

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