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Use of Different Suit Fabrics

Sep. 10, 2019 | 00:00:00

When we evaluate whether a suit is good or bad, the grade of the suit is very directly related to the grade of the fabric and the popularity of the fabric. The fabrics of high-grade suits are mostly made of pure wool,  camel silk, and other natural fibers, because it is easy to dye, feel good, not easy to fluff, flexible, wear fit, and not deformed. In addition to high-end suits, what kinds of fabrics do suits generally have? Cotton School Uniform Fabrics Manufacturer to explain to you:

1: Polyester tweed fabric, this fabric is suitable for spring and autumn style suits, feels good and easy to clean. Suitable for the needs of the season.

2: Uniform material, this kind of fabric is made of short hair, the hand feels slightly rough, and it obviously shows off the ground after wearing it. However, because it is strong and durable, it is used by many companies for the production of work clothes, and the cost is low.

Women Suit Wool Suiting Fabric

Women Suit Wool Suiting Fabric

3: Women Suit Wool Suiting Fabric, which is soft and flexible, is widely favored by female consumers. Whether it is comfort or color, it can meet the needs of women.

4: Polyester tweed, this is a kind of mixed textile, the texture is thick and anti-wrinkle, feel good. Suitable for use as a fabric for autumn and winter suits. Such as

5: Cool, this is also a kind of mixed textiles. From the name, we can see that this fabric is suitable for use in cool clothing, such as our summer clothing. And anti-wrinkle, easy to dry.

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