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Different Uniforms Will Use Different Uniform Fabrics

Nov. 14, 2018 | 11:55:00

Different uniforms will use different Uniform Fabrics. The principle of overalls design is first and foremost targeted: for different industries, different companies in the same industry, different positions in the same enterprise, different positions in the same position, gender, and so on. Targeted design points differently why people wear, wear time, wear place, why wear.

Whoever wears, in a narrow sense, refers to a part of a person who goes to work or engages in official activities at a place where he or she is employed within a specified period of time. In a broad sense, it refers to a relatively unclear part of the consumer group. The "people" here are represented as a group in overalls. One part. A class, its working characteristics. Personal and group style. Physiological and psychological needs. Political and economic status. Cultural literacy, etc., as the design requirements are specific and varied. Time and place are the occupational environment and small environmental factors. The time is spring, summer, autumn and winter. The day and night are different. The location is characterized by the regional environment and the small environment of specific work.

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