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Is the Suit Made of Composite Fabric OK?

Sep. 19, 2019 | 14:27:45

What kind of fabric is the composite fabric? Can any fabric be combined? Is the suit made of composite fabric good? The School Uniform Shorts Fabric Manufacturer will analyze it with everyone.

The composite fabric can indeed be a composite of any fabric, and the composite process can reach six kinds, and even a composite fabric with special-purpose functions such as waterproofing and anti-wear can be obtained.

Composite fabrics are also common suit fabrics. Under normal circumstances, composite fabric suits are cheaper than wool suits. They are medium and low-priced fabrics, but if they are composite fabrics made of two high-grade fabrics, such as wool and silk. The fabric of the composite fabric, the suit made by it can also be more expensive than the suit of pure wool.

How is the composite fabric made?

To put it simply, the composite fabric is glued together by means of glue or flame. There are currently six popular composite processes in the world. The more common composite fabric used in the past was a combination of suede fabric and wool, which can now be compounded with any fabric.

The composite fabric is divided into ordinary composite fabrics (bonding fabrics and linings through adhesives to improve fabric texture, suitable for process simplification and scale production of garment processing) and functional composite fabrics (the composite fabric is waterproof and moisture permeable) , special functions such as radiation resistance, washing resistance and abrasion resistance).

Among them, the garment composite fabric is a new type of material obtained by bonding one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials, and other functional materials. It is a relatively new type of fabric developed by the market. The width of the composite fabric is limited to the size of the two fabrics before compounding, which can generally reach 145CM.

Worsted Wool Suiting Fabric

Worsted Wool Suiting Fabric

Is the suit made of composite fabric ok?

Common suit fabrics are divided into full-wool fabrics and composite fabrics. Because different fabrics can be combined, there are many varieties of composite fabrics, such as wool + polyester, or wool + silk. In terms of price, the middle and low-end suits are more composite fabrics, but the composite fabrics are not necessarily cheap. If it is a wool/mulberry suit composite fabric, it will be more expensive than the full wool suit. In terms of daily care, the overall wool suit is advanced, but it does not necessarily meet the daily needs of everyone, because it is very difficult to care for the composite fabric suit, such as relatively easy to deform, such as clean and The requirements for drying are higher. The chemical components of cotton, wool, silk, hemp, etc. are composed of glucose polymer and protein, and organic substances can cause rancidity and mildew under appropriate temperature and humidity. Therefore, even if the more formal suits use wool as the main fabric, they usually add some chemical fiber components, such as Worsted Wool Suiting Fabric. This kind of clothes has both grades, good shape, and care.

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