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What Are The Basic Requirements For Student School Uniform Fabrics?

Feb. 11, 2019 | 09:43:19

Many schools have no clear basic requirements for student uniforms, and lack of experience in purchasing uniforms, which has a certain negative impact on schools and students. So what are the basic requirements for school uniforms? According to the actual needs, school uniforms should have the following requirements: The first requirement is that School Uniform Fabrics is qualified for inspection and testing, meets the national production quality requirements, and guarantees the environmental protection and safety of fabrics without any adverse consequences for students. The second requirement is that the students are comfortable to wear. The students' clothes are generally T/C or CVC's 45'S or 32'S dyed shirt fabrics. T/R dyed fabrics are also available. The price is relatively cheap, strong and wearable, and more durable. Uniform Pants Fabric can be used with CVC gauze dyed cloth, work cloth oxford cloth and other dyed fabrics. Or T/R dyed cloth outerwear sports pants with more knitted fabrics, because children are active, physical education activities should be convenient.

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