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How To Understand The Quality Of Clothes?

Dec. 18, 2018 | 10:51:56

1. Look at Uniform Fabric

Take the cotton T-shirt as an example, the real good goods, the fabric is heavy, the weight is full, the hand feels soft and comfortable, and the inferior goods are generally made of acrylic cotton or polyester cotton. This inferior fabric is a hair ball, and there is no static electricity. Dressed.

2. Look at the clothing work

Judging from the popular chiffon clothing in the market, good chiffon garments will not have redundant pieces of thread and the sewing thread will be neat and tidy. The price of the goods that are exposed outside the line cannot be too high.

3. Look at the size of the garment

The overall size of a piece of clothing is reduced by 2 cm, and the overall upper body effect and quality are greatly changed. This small 2 cm is enough to greatly reduce the cost. However, the overall style of the clothing may not be there, let alone keep the version of the clothing.

4. Look at work and accessories

Taking the zipper as an example, there is a difference between the copper zippering and the zippering of the plastic zipper. Different materials also determine the cost of the garment. Take the pattern as an example: there are flat plain prints, three-dimensional patches, and glue prints. The colors of the pictures are the same, but the actual prices of the objects are different.

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