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Identification Methods of Pure Cotton and Polyester Cotton

Jul. 24, 2019 | 15:34:25

The identification methods of pure cotton and polyester cotton are mainly divided into three types: visual identification method, tactile identification method, and combustion method identification. As a School Uniform Shorts Fabric Manufacturer, let us share with you.

Visually: the color of the polyester cotton cloth is brighter than that of the pure cotton cloth; if it is a printed cloth, the contrast of the color density of the front and back of the cotton cloth will be larger, and the color of the front and back of the polyester cotton cloth is closer.

Feel: The cotton cloth is soft but not smooth, and the polyester-cotton cloth feels slippery when touched.

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Combustion method: This is also the most intuitive method widely adopted by the industry. Pure cotton cloth, a little bit, the flame is yellow, the burning smell is the same as burning paper, the burning edge is soft, leaving little gray-black floc ash; the polyester-cotton will shrink and then melt when approaching the flame. Black smoke, a taste of inferior fragrance, hardened edges after burning, ash is dark brown lumps but can be mashed.

Pure cotton is a little better for the skin. Pure cotton, 100% cotton, feels soft and comfortable. Polyester cotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton that is not as comfortable as cotton.

The above is how the Check School Uniform Fabris Manufacturer sorts out the fabric knowledge of the cotton and polyester-cotton identification methods. I hope this article can help you.

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