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Is There A Difference Between Pure Cotton And Polyester Cotton?

Mar. 15, 2019 | 14:22:43

Is there a difference between pure cotton and polyester cotton? Today, School Uniform Shorts Fabric Wholesaler will give you an explanation.

1. Visual inspection: The luster of cotton fabric is natural and dull, and the polyester/cotton fabric is brighter. This kind of bright looks a bit "thief".

2. Hand touch method: The cotton fabric is soft and thick, and the friction is slightly awkward, but it is very comfortable. The polyester cotton touched some "slippery" and the thickness was not as good as pure cotton.

3. Combustion experiment: Pure cotton is particularly flammable, with an open flame, the flame is not easy to extinguish, and it is gray and white. There is a smell of burning wood, the edge of the fire is brownish black, clear, basically no particles and ash.

Polyester Cotton Fabric is very non-flammable, no open flame, and blue smoke. After burning, the white waxy oil is dripping on the edge of the fire. It has a pungent smell and the burning edges will entangle. The edge of the over-fire is black, and the farther place is white, which is in the form of a rubber block. It is very hard and can't be pinched.

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