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What Are The Techniques For Color Matching Of Textile Fabrics?

Jan. 14, 2019 | 10:30:50

White, blue and beige are the three colors commonly used in apparel fabrics. Then the following Plaid School Uniform Fabric Supplier talks about the matching skills of these three colors.

1, the principle of white matching:

White can be paired with any color, but it takes a lot of effort to match it.

Red and white are a bold combination. Wearing a white T-shirt on the top and wearing a red narrow skirt on the bottom, it looks warm and full of personality.

2, the principle of blue matching:

Among all colors, blue clothing is the easiest to match with other colors. Whether the fabric is similar to black blue or dark blue, it is easy to match, and the blue has the effect of tightening the body and is very attractive.

Blue with red, makes people look charming, pretty, but should pay attention to the appropriate proportion of blue and red.

3, beige matching principle:

It’s not difficult to wear a rigorous taste in beige. A light beige high-necked short-sleeved sweater with a pair of black delicate trousers and a shiny black pointed-toe heel shoes will bring the professional feel of a professional woman to the right. If you want a sophisticated, strong feeling, then choose a black striped delicate suit skirt, coupled with a beige high-end handbag, both executive style and feminine elegance.

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