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Maintenance Methods for Suit Fabric

Aug. 01, 2019 | 10:53:06

Coat Suiting Fabric Wholesaler to explain the maintenance methods of suit fabrics. Before the suit fabrics are collected, use a broom or a soft brush to sweep the clothes and remove the dust to prevent insects. When collecting, you should put some camphor pieces wrapped in paper. In the hot summer weather, the suit fabric wool clothes should be taken out several times by hanging the clothes in a dry, cool place.

Tips for removing clothes pleats and ironing marks: It is easy to flatten the pleats by rubbing them along the creases and then ironing them with an iron. If the clothing is ironed and not too serious, you can sprinkle some fine salt on the scorch and gently rub it; if the silk fabric is ironed, you can mix it with a little soda powder. Adjust into a thin paste, apply it to the scorch mark, after the water is dry, the situation will be better; if the woolen garment is ironed, it can be melted with white sputum by boiling water, then brushed to the ironing place, then put it in the sun. You can reduce the degree of browning!

Twill Wool Suiting Fabric

Wool is generally referred to as wool fabric. Wool fiber is a coalescence of protein molecules. It has a unique tight horny scale structure on the outside. It is tightly covered. This sheet structure is very small. Its advantage is to prevent dirt from penetrating into the fiber. For example, Twill Wool Suiting Fabric, Wool garments are not easily soiled. Dry cleaners often encounter clothes of different fabrics when washing clothes, and wool clothes are often available.