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Italian Suit Fabric

Sep. 15, 2019 | 00:00:00

As a School Uniform Shorts Fabric Manufacturer, let's talk about Italian suit fabrics today. Italian suit fabrics are the most attractive suits for tailoring craftsmanship and fabric textures. They are one of the works of the Italian tailors. Italian Wool Suiting Fabric is a self-contained suite of all types of suits, with a wide shoulder-length cut, a smooth overall shape, and a slender body, accentuating the comfort of Italian suits and the double-breasted design. Characteristics. In contrast, Italian suits add more functionality to British suits, including pockets and slouchy designs; while the body size is slightly wider than the French version, and the hem is more slender.

Italian Wool Suiting Fabric

Italian Wool Suiting Fabric

When it comes to Italian fashion men, you can't avoid a name that always appears on Vanity Fair's list of best-dressed people - Rabo Elkan. The heir to the Italian Fiat empire, known as the most dressed man in Italy. The fashion nerves of Rabo Elkan are inherited from his grandfather Gianni Agnelli, the car tycoon who created the Fiat empire, who was recognized as the most dressed man during his lifetime. The superior quality of the Italian custom-made suit, the way the shirt cuffs wear the watch, and the big tie knots that are always tied, have become the fashion coordinates of all men in the world at that time. Because of his similar appearance to his grandfather, Rabo Elkan inherits all the suits of Agnelli, and this huge fashion wealth is enough to make him a new generation of "the most dressed man in Italy."

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