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How to Choose Fabrics?

Jul. 17, 2019 | 11:23:30

As a Coat Suiting Fabric Wholesaler, let's talk about how to choose a fabric.

Most of the fabric display will be held during the same period of Fashion Week. The designer can select the fabrics of the next season's creation series in the middle of the showtime. These fabric exhibitions are co-organized by a large number of fabric suppliers, from which designers can select the ideal fabric samples for the next season.

For fabric samples, each apparel design company needs to select 15 cut fabrics from about 20 pieces of fabric samples to complete the series. The 15 fabric samples selected must be tested for feasibility and further selected fabrics. Mass production began. At the same time, the fabrics will be used to make samples of the ready-to-wear samples. The designers will finally carry out the final test from these samples, and select the final version of the fabric from the shape, color and feel.

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Completed the series of design and production, held a fashion conference, began to sell the series in the major franchise stores, accepting the buyer's order, they need to start counting orders, start to order mass production of fabrics, usually quantitatively can reach thousands Million volume.

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