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How Are The Fabrics Classified?

Feb. 19, 2019 | 10:48:22

Modern productions are made in formal social occasions, and high-quality blended fabrics are often used. Natural fabrics such as pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk, and pure hemp have become common fabrics because of the shortcomings of natural fabrics such as wrinkles and deformation, and are less used as high-grade clothing materials. Blended fabrics have the characteristics of natural fabrics that absorb sweat, breath, softness and comfort. They also absorb the advantages of strong and durable synthetic fabrics, hanging and sturdy, bright and bright colors. A large number of high-quality blended fabrics have been developed every year. Sometimes, clothing made of pure leather is also allowed. Classic Wool Suiting Fabric Wholesaler tells you how the fabrics are classified.

Woven fabric: mainly used for clothing outerwear and shirts.

Knitted fabrics: underwear and sportswear for clothing, but due to the development of science and technology, knitted fabrics have also developed into a thick and sturdy, gradually externalizing knitted underwear, and the weaving of knitted fabrics has become a supplement to outerwear.

With the improvement of the quality of life of modern people, they also have higher and higher requirements for their own clothing. They are no longer limited to the style and style of clothing, and they pay more attention to whether the fabric of the clothing is comfortable and environmentally friendly. We are School Uniform Fabrics Manufacturer. If you want to know, you can contact us directly. Our fabrics can give you good quality assurance.