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The Future Development Trend Of Apparel Fabrics 2

Jun. 14, 2019 | 15:56:53

School Uniform Shorts Fabric Manufacturer continues to share with you the future trends in apparel fabrics.

There is also the fabric taking the property, the taking property has different performance requirements for the fabric, some are mainly comfort, some emphasize the fastness, some pay attention to warmth, and some care about the beauty of the appearance. The mechanical durability, wearing comfort, appearance performance, sensory performance, antifouling performance, moisture absorption and crease resistance of the fabric affects the wearing performance of the fabric.

Plain Dyed Suiting Fabric

The development of apparel fabrics has evolved with the changing needs of the application fields. The future development of apparel fabrics should be developed into functional and green technologies. Apparel fabrics should have the comfortable and breathable properties of natural fibers and should have the ability to wrinkle and shrink without shrinking chemical fibers. They can be worn and placed at will, which can produce warmth or heat dissipation effects with changes in ambient temperature and can eliminate unhealthy health in living spaces. Factors can resist UV, antibacterial, anti-mite and so on.

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