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What Kind of Fabric is Better for Casual Suits?

Aug. 27, 2019 | 00:00:00

Men's casual suits are different from formal suits, with a focus on leisure and style. In terms of fabric contrast, casual suit fabrics tend to wrinkle. In terms of style, casual suits are popular with men of all ages. In order to better reflect the casual style, casual suits generally use some natural fibers (cotton, hemp, wool, leather, etc.). What kind of fabric is best for casual suits made of these materials? It is necessary to know the characteristics of fabrics of various materials and to compare the characteristics to find out what you think is good for the purchase of casual suits. Next, Pants Wool Suiting Fabric Manufacturer will come to explain for you.

First of all, we compare the pure wool worsted fabric with the pure wool woolen fabric. What kind of fabric is good: pure wool worsted fabric has a thin texture, smooth surface, and clear lines. Soft and elastic, this fabric is basically wrinkle-free and can disappear in a short time even with slight creases. Pure wool woolen fabric, thick texture, full face, noodles and suede no exposed bottom. The color is soft and light, and the hand feels gentle, crisp and flexible.

Woven Wool Suiting Fabric

Woven Wool Suiting Fabric

Pure wool woolen fabric and pure wool fabric contrast fabric What is good: wool contrast pure wool fabric lacks soft and soft feeling. Fabric elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but the hand feel is poor. Wrinkles are no different from pure wool. Another type of wool fabric is a blend of wool and viscose. Such as Woven Wool Suiting Fabric. The difference between the fabric and the fine spinning is that the former feels soft and the latter feels weak. A disadvantage of this type of fabric is that the fabric tends to wrinkle if the viscose content is high.

Knowing the characteristics of the fabric can help us distinguish the fabrics of casual suits. Among the many fabrics, the wool-like fabrics made of viscose and artificial wool fibers have a dull gloss, a weak hand and a lack of rigidity. Due to the poor elasticity, it is easy to wrinkle and is not easy to fade. This kind of wool-like fabric is hard and thick after being wetted.

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