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What Is The Composition Of The Uniform Wool Fabric?

Mar. 11, 2019 | 12:00:08

What is the composition of the uniform wool fabric? Today Wool Suiting Fabric Wholesaler will give you a detailed introduction.

Uniforms are relative to the Navy, also known as rough uniforms. They are the main roads in woollen woolen fabrics, and they are thick and thick fabrics.

The uniform size, color and style of the Uniform Wool Fabric are similar to those of the Navy. They are the same as the heavy velvet, lint-free or light-up, and steamed. Also known as coarse uniforms. The quality requirements are even and flat, no obvious dew or semi-exposed, not easy to pilling, the texture is tight, the hand is not rough. Because the raw materials are modified by the third and fourth grades, the quality is slightly lower than that of the navy. The surface fluff is not very full, and the shading is faintly visible. The hand feel is slightly rough, and it is easy to fall on the bottom. In addition to pure wool, blended varieties have more grades, with hair and sticky, brocade, nitrile and so on.

The ratio of raw materials used in pure wool uniforms is: 70% of the third and fourth grades, less than 30% of the combed short hair, and the raw materials of the blended uniforms are: 40% of the third and fourth grade hairs, combed short hairs 30 Below %, the viscose fiber is about 30%. The yarn has a linear density ranging from 111.1 to 166.7 tex (6-9 metric) and a unit mass range of 400-500 g/m2, with a 2/2 twill weave.

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