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Common Suit Fabrics 1

Apr. 11, 2019 | 16:07:50

As a Wool Suiting Fabric Wholesaler, let's talk about the common types of suit fabrics. The choice of fabric is the most important part of the clothing customization, and the difference of the fabric is also the core factor to distinguish the quality of the clothing. On the market, we can see that the biggest difference between thousands of clothes and tens of thousands of clothes is on the fabric. The garments are often made of artificial recycled fiber fabrics and chemical synthetic fiber fabrics. The original custom is mainly made of natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, hemp, wool and silk, so our clothes are hygroscopic, breathable and warm. Sex, aesthetics and other aspects are of the highest quality.

1. Linen fabric:

Linen fabric is the oldest garment fabric that has been used since humans have the concept of clothing. Linen is the cortical fiber of plants. Its function is to approximate human skin, to protect the body, regulate the temperature and other natural properties, this natural breathable Sex, hygroscopicity, refreshingness and moisture wicking make it a free-breathing textile. It can reduce the room temperature of the human body by 4-8 °C at room temperature. It is called “natural air conditioning”, so the linen clothing is mostly without inner The lining design is suitable for light and thin styles that are in direct contact with the skin.

TR Suiting Fabric

2. All wool fabric:

In the wool material, only the wool fabric can be talked about. The fabric is tightly gripped by hand, and the gripper is basically free of wrinkles after being loosened. The slight crease can also be faded in a short time, and the flatness is quickly restored. Wool is highly hygroscopic and maintains the humidity of the air around the skin in a low range and is very comfortable to wear. The advantages and disadvantages of wool fabrics are generally distinguished by the number of counts. The higher the count, the thinner the yarn and the thinner the fabric. If the numerical value is used, the diameter of the human hair is about 75 microns, and the wool fabric of 120 The yarn is about 20 microns, which is more than 3 times thinner than the hair, and is very close to cashmere.

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