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Clothing Design Development Should Start From Fabric Innovation

May. 14, 2019 | 17:37:38

Fabric is the basic carrier for fashion designers to interpret popular themes and embody the style of clothing. It carries the designer's ideas and ideas. As a Military Camouflage Uniform Fabric Supplier, we believe that all fabrics have their own expressions, and the creativity, patterns, colors and texture of the fabric should be rich in artistry. Fabrics can't just be a piece of cloth that is produced by machine and has quality assurance. It should be connotative and embodied. It should be integrated with the overall design of the garment and complement each other to convey the designer's philosophy and wisdom. The fabric itself is carefully designed.

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Fabric design must be based on the concept of serving the entire set of clothing design. Therefore, a good clothing needs fabric designers and fashion designers to repeatedly communicate and work together to complete. By analyzing and predicting domestic and international fashion trends and combining local economic development and consumer psychological needs to determine color, pattern and style, fabric designers design fabric structures by selecting appropriate fiber materials. Color matching to show the designer's design ideas.

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