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The Purpose Of Men Wearing Suits

Oct. 15, 2018 | 11:28:56

The purpose of men's suits - to increase your confidence rather than look beautiful In the history of human civilization, the development of clothing has always had its social function, it is a performance tool, a symbol of a class. In 1996, the US company Revis made a statistical survey to improve the company's profits, hoping to understand the motivation of consumers to dress and the social benefits of clothing expected to bring to the wearer. They were surprised to find that the biggest purpose of dressing people is not to be beautiful and others, but to increase self-confidence. The survey found that 60% of people think that dressing is to increase self-confidence, 51% want to "stay calm under pressure", and 49% expect themselves to "seek to understand and care for people", 41% The desire to look "smart", while only 6% are "looking beautiful."

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