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How to Choose a Custom Suit Fabric?

Aug. 23, 2019 | 14:23:27

How to choose a fabric for a custom suit? There are three types of suit fabrics, namely: purified fiber products, mixed textiles, and all wool fabrics. Each category has its own characteristics, and it has its own tailor-made suits. Therefore, when the suit is made to order, the choice of fabric is very important. Let the Check School Uniform Fabris Manufacturer teach you how to choose a fabric for your suit.

First of all, the choice of suit fabrics is based on the perspective of the company's suit customization. The company's custom-made suits often limit the budget price. If a set of suits is too low, it is basically processing of the second- and third-line crafts factory. The first-line craftsmanship factory has a relatively high manual cost, and the contracting company does not have much profit space, and can only achieve the quality of the wool-like fabric, which is the chemical fiber fabric.

Italian Wool Suiting Fabric

Italian Wool Suiting Fabric

The company's most custom-made suits for employees are 50% wool. The fabrics are higher-grade than wool-like fabrics, and they are not too high-grade. They can maintain the corporate image and make the employees feel comfortable. There are fewer companies that use 70% or more of fabrics containing wool to customize suits unless they are customized for management. The main reason is that the budget is too high, and the second is the high cost of care.

Then from the perspective of personally tailored suits, the choice of suit fabrics, the reason why individuals to customize a suit is to be "tailor-made" experience, expressed as a pursuit of life dressing, so often on the fabric More high-end such as the Italian Wool Suiting Fabric. Usually, a more high-grade fabric, full-wool fabric, is used. If you want to upgrade it more, it is cashmere fabric, and then it is the top craft fabric that pursues high yarn.

Our company specializes in a variety of suiting fabrics such as the Cotton Nylon Suit Fabric. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.