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Choice of Fabric for Wedding Suits

Aug. 08, 2019 | 15:05:33

As a Pants Wool Suiting Fabric Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations for the choice of wedding suit fabrics.

Wedding suits should be made of high-grade worsted pure wool, cashmere, silk or blended fabrics. These fabrics are fine, soft and comfortable, with good gloss and drape. The garments made from suits are elegant and elegant, and they need to be carefully taken care of. Reflective fabrics such as silk satin or glittering rayon can cause a feeling of expansion, so wedding suits are not suitable for people with full body.

Italian Wool Suiting Fabrics

Italian Wool Suiting Fabrics

Velvet fabrics such as velvet, velvet, and tweed have a shrinking effect. Thinner people should avoid choosing such fabrics. Fabrics for informal suits can be selected from fabrics with a slightly lower grade such as wool, chemical fiber or blends. Regardless of the formal suit or casual wear, you should pay attention to the fabric texture according to the skin quality of the skin. People with rough skin should avoid wearing fabrics such as silk satin. The delicate and smooth silk satin fabric will make the skin rougher and not suitable for rough fabrics such as suits and tweed. Choose wool or blended, hidden, dark or textured fabrics such as Plain Suiting Fabric.

After choosing the clothes, don't forget to spend your thoughts on the tie and the bag to think about your clothes. Dark suits and bags can be chosen to match the contrasting colors of the suits. If the suit is a striped or plaid face, it is easy to coordinate the tie and the bag to choose the color already on the suit.

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