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What Are The Characteristics Of School Uniform?

Jan. 12, 2019 | 10:53:59

What are the characteristics of School Uniform? Let School Uniform Fabrics Manufacturer tell you the answer today. Today, the education system uniforms are divided into two categories: teacher clothing and student clothing. In the society and in front of the students, the teachers are the model of "being a teacher" and demanding a grand and friendly party. The fabrics are mostly made of CVC (Vylon/cotton blend), pure cotton fabric, high-branched camel silk, enamel, slate and other fabrics. It is comfortable, natural, moisture absorbing and breathable. Student clothing should reflect the youthful side of the body, suitable for their lively and active characteristics of this age group. The fabrics are mostly T/C (polyester/cotton blend), knitted fabrics, enamel with low gross content, blended gabardine and wool. Series, etc., requires fabric anti-wrinkle, wear-resistant wear, good shape retention, easy to care.

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