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What Are The Types Of Apparel Fabrics?

Jan. 10, 2019 | 14:57:20

What are the types of apparel fabrics? Let School Uniform Fabrics Manufacturer tell you the answer today.

1. Cotton cloth: Cotton cloth is a kind of woven fabric made from cotton yarn; different varieties are derived due to different tissue specifications and different post-processing methods. Cotton cloth is soft, comfortable, warm, moisture-absorbing, breathable, easy to dye and finish. Because of its natural characteristics, it has long been loved by people and become an indispensable basic fabric in life.

2. Burlap: Burlap refers to a fabric made of various hemp plant fibers. It is soft, comfortable, breathable, washable, light-resistant, anti-corrosive, and bacteriostatic. Burlap is a fabric made of various hemp plant fibers such as linen, ramie, jute, sisal, and abaca.

3. Silk: A textile of silk, woven with silk or synthetic fibers, rayon, and filaments; a general name for fabrics that are purely woven or interwoven with silk or rayon, and also refers to textiles woven from silk. The process of interweaving raw silk as warp and weft, and making it into silk, is the silk weaving process. The production process of various types of silk fabrics is not the same.

4. Wool: Wool is also called wool, which is a general term for fabrics made from various types of wool and cashmere. It is usually used to make regular, upscale clothing such as dresses, suits, and coats. Its advantages are anti-wrinkle and abrasion resistance, soft hand feeling, elegant and crisp, flexible and warm. Its main disadvantage is that washing is difficult, and it is not suitable for making summer clothes.

5. Leather: Leather is an animal skin that has been denatured and decomposed by physical and chemical processing such as depilation and tanning. The leather is composed of natural protein fibers that are tightly woven in three dimensions. The surface has a special grain layer with natural grain and luster for comfortable hand. It is resistant to corruption by tanning, nitrification or other treatment methods.

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