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Business Men's Suit Fabric Choice

Aug. 16, 2019 | 11:06:06

The choice of business men's suit fabrics, business men's suit fabric is the material used to make suits. Men's clothes are a kind of recognition. In addition to language exchange, it is not derogatory to look at people. Although the appearance is not fundamental, the choice of a business men's suit fabric fully shows the individual's aesthetic taste. Dressing errors in the CBD is a big taboo. If you feel that you have made this mistake, then quickly change it. Cotton School Uniform Fabrics Manufacturer to share with you the fabrics of several morning men's suits.

First, soft fabric

Soft fabrics are generally lighter and lighter, with a good drape, smooth lines and a natural stretch of clothing. Soft fabrics mainly include knitted fabrics and silk fabrics with loose fabrics and soft hemp fabrics. Soft knit fabrics often use straight-line succinct shapes to express the graceful curves of the human body in the design of clothing; silk, hemp, and other fabrics are the more loose and pleated effect, showing the flow of fabric lines.

Second, firm fabric

The firm fabrics have clear lines and a sense of volume, which can form a full outline of clothing. Commonly used are cotton, polyester-cotton, corduroy, linen and a variety of medium-sized Cotton Nylon Suit Fabric and chemical fiber fabrics, which can be used to highlight the design of garments, such as suits and suits.

 Italian Wool Suiting Fabric

 Italian Wool Suiting Fabric

Third, glossy fabric

The glossy fabric has a smooth surface and reflects light, giving it a sparkling glow. Such fabrics include satin-structured fabrics. Most commonly used in nightdresses or stage performances, it produces a gorgeous and dazzling visual effect. Glossy fabrics have a wide range of freedom in the performance of the dress and can have a simple design or a more exaggerated style.

Fourth, thick and heavy fabric

The thick and heavy fabrics are thick and sturdy, resulting in a stable styling effect, including all kinds of thick woolen fabrics and quilted fabrics such as the Italian Wool Suiting Fabric. The fabric has a sense of shape expansion, and it is not appropriate to use pleats and piles too much. The A and H shapes are most suitable in the design.

Five, transparent fabric

The transparent fabric is light and transparent, with an elegant and mysterious artistic effect. Including cotton, silk, chemical fiber fabrics, etc., such as georgette, satin strips, chemical fiber lace. In order to express the transparency of the fabric, the lines are naturally full, and the H-shaped and round-shaped design shapes are varied.