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5 Tips Of Choosing Clothes

Dec. 13, 2018 | 11:43:36

Maybe everyone pays attention to the style of clothing when purchasing clothing. There is not much attention to the craftsmanship. Today, Xiaobian teaches everyone to choose clothing when starting from the following points, which will greatly reduce the misunderstanding of purchase, pay attention to Whether the various signs on the product are complete.

1. Product trademark and factory name.

2. Clothing type and specification mark.

3. The ingredients and content of the raw materials on the product should be clearly marked.

4. There should be washing signs and maintenance methods on the product. Such as washing, dry cleaning, etc.

5. There should be product certification, quality level, implementation standards, etc.

The above is the common sense of clothing purchase common sense, these are all qualified products should have, if you have Uniform Fabric and other related needs, please contact us or leave a message. We also have Soldier, Military Camouflage Uniform Fabric, etc. We can provide you with questions about uniform fabrics.